ELL Digital

human computer human.

From enterprise level websites to touchscreen interfaces and sales enablement tools, we design and build experiences with connective tissue. While the content strategy, data and analytics are key to good interface and user experience design, we're inclined to create something that's visually differentiating and entertaining. Stunning. Simple.

When we scroll or click through an experience, the design and movement elicit a response from the user—a feeling. A flat or outdated design communicates an outdated organization. A cliche design communicates that you're just trying to keep up with your competitors. All web experiences have a purpose, but we can't think of one that isn't enhanced by inspiring design, audience rewarding entertainment value and efficient, focused delivery of information.

No matter the application, web design and technologies change fast. Responsive is an assumption. User personas should be known and documented with KPIs for each and content strategies that map to those KPIs. Content optimization post launch never stops. Any corporate site or campaign microsite should excite, educate and generate leads. These are foundational—the engine in the car. If the engine is well-built and running clean, you've also got the ability to design a body that makes people stop and look.

On the other side of every digital experience, there is a human.

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