About Us

Unplug your
digital archers.

First off, let’s be honest. Agencies are famous over-complicators. They tend to develop 100-page strategy decks, build war rooms of beanbag chairs and develop "creative processes" that are focused more on creating billable hours versus result-focused relationships. When you think about it, it takes fewer people to perform open-heart surgery to save a life than it does to create an agency-initiated social campaign to redeem a coupon.

Founded in 2009, ELL is a strategic marketing and creative agency that is founded on relationships. Relationships between our agency and the brands we work with. Relationships between the brands we work with and their audiences.

We believe in meaningful, honest and transparent human connections over a blind barrage of digital arrows being slung into the ether hoping to land on a target. We believe brands should be welcomed into the hearts and minds of audiences and not just reacted to out of pure, momentary necessity. We believe annoying brands are annoying. We believe engaging brands are worth having over for dinner.

And as for agencies? We believe that you practice what you preach. Be honest. Be transparent. Be the ultimate team player. Be good at what you say you can do. Make a living but never at the expense of destroying a relationship.